VLASTA KOPYLOVA are a family business founded in 2012 when the debut collection for women was created. The company is run by the spouses Vlasta and Gokhan. History of The history of creation Vlasta Kopylova KIDS – the children’s collection began in 2015, when the eldest daughter turned 3 years old. The heart of the company is Vlasta, which deals with all creative design. She Search the planet for exceptional ideas around her that will captivate, enchant and inspire the all childs ones. A lot of attention is hightest to quality. We using very high quality materials, quality production, quality control and quality dispatch. Materials that are safe and can be used time after time. We aim to use source products from best manufacturers and tanneries with strong sustainability credentials, be it their use of natural, recycled or organic materials, low environmental impact manufacturing methods. The basic philosophy of the company is the exclusive basis of perfectionism that is present in everything from the search for new creative ideas and selecting the best materials to strict control over product quality performance. All production facilities are concentrated in main Office in Istanbul. It was there the ideas and sketch of the designer the best specialists of the industry create a unique model. As a rule, all products are made in small batches, since about 90 percent of the present hand made.