Huasi is a diversified luxury fashion brand supplier from China. Our visionary founders and dedicated design team have fully incorporated both elements of creativity and innovation into Huasi products. The brand encompasses multi-faceted creative directions such as the usage of color, art, design, craftsmanship, space, and culture. Combining this aesthetic sensibility and functionality, Huasi has become a fully-fledged iconic brand. Huasi was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010, (stock code 002494). Becoming the first and up-to-now only fur stock of China Capital Markets. Huasi prioritizes the development of functional fur for fall/Winter and has high standards for detail and pattern cutting. and has been particularly enthusiastic about the exploration of colors ever since our establishment. As well as offering a great variety of skin categories such as: mink, rex (rabbit), fox, lamb, etc. especial known for their mink and fur parkas. Never compromising with mainstream fashion trends, Huasi always pursues romantic, gentle and modern art as a pioneer with the spirit of exploration. Its artistic design with exquisite fur technology and tailoring represents high quality and high profile romantic style, highlighting the modern luxury and redefining new styles of young fashion.