Our company started in 1958 with the manufacturing of mink scrap. Little by little it started building itself to what it is today. The factory is located in the historical fur area of Kastoria .It is close to 5000sqm and employs around 100 specialty workers. We manufacture Mink ,foxes,sable,Lynx and many other types of skins .Of course we haven’t forgotten our roots and we still manufacture mink pieces/plates . Our major client is the United states of America since we owe a wholesale showroom in Manhatan/New york . All other continents and countries (Italy,France,Romania,Russia ,Azerbaijan,Armenia,Ucraine ,Kazakhstan ,Lebanon and others) come and buy directly from our 1000sqm showroom in Kastoria. We are well known for the fact that the garments we produce are a great value and is no secret that our clients come back to buy more ,over and over again for decades !